Create a bracelet which is just as unique as you. Choose our original foxtail chain bracelet or a bangle.
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The classic Trollbeads Sterling Silver Bracelet is a foxtail bracelet and became part of the Trollbeads collection in 2005. It is a beautiful bracelet that can be used by both women, men, girls, and boys. You can wear it just by adding a clasp and keep it simple. Or, you can choose to add beads to the bracelets, and make it a customized and unique charm bracelet.

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The Trollbeads bracelet is mostly known as a silver bracelet, however, it is also available as a gold bracelet. The Trollbeads foxtail bracelet is not the only bracelet in the Trollbeads collection. In 2010 the double stranded leather bracelets was introduced and it comes both in single colors such as black, blue, and brown, and it also comes in double color combinations.

Our gold and sterling silver bracelets come in the length from 14 cm to 24 cm making them a great fit for all types of men and women, and our leather bracelets come in 3 different sizes, but all are made to be customized to give you a perfect fit.

Another addition to the Trollbeads collection is the bangle - some might also know it as a cuff or simply refer to it as a bracelet. Either way, the Trollbeads Bangle is a stylish and elegant piece of jewelry that can be used both with and without beads adding both elegance and style to your every day. The Trollbeads Bangle comes in both in sterling silver, copper, and gold plated. The Silver bangle also comes in a twisted, star, and heart version. Mix and match the different bangles and stack them. Trollbeads bangles look amazing individually or mixed as stackable bangles.

Trollbeads also have something known as a designer bracelet. This type of bracelet is made as a limited edition meaning it is only made once, and in a limited number, making the bracelet more exclusive. A designer bracelet typically has a theme and consists of a sterling silver bracelet, with a new clasp, silver bead and/or glass bead – all with motives within the theme of the designer bracelet.

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