Gift Guide

Mother's Day

Make her day with thoughtful gifts.

This Mother's Day, celebrate the extraordinary woman in your life with a gift as unique and special as she is. Find inspiration for your Mother’s Day gift with this gift guide.

Gift idea 1.
Two new charming beads.


Lavender Love

A shimmering thread of gold, a tapestry of love.

To the mother whose care and warmth never fade.

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Heartfelt Blossom

For the heart that nurtured,

the love that bloomed,

and the bond that flourished.

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🌸Gift idea 3.🌸
Flowers that last forever.

Birth Flowers

Explore beautiful flowers for each month, adorned with a fresh water pearl. Perfect for an elegant and meaningful gift.

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Gorgeous colors and intricate designs

A classic Mother's day gift idea, but these ones last much longer than the usual flowers. Discover all our beautiful flowers in silver and glass.

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Gift idea 4.
Add a family bead to your gift.

Heartfelt Bloom Bead
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Lavender Love Bead
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Sweet Dreams Bead
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& Symbol Tassel
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Letter M Tassel
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Paternity Bead with Gold
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Maternity Bead with Gold
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Grandpa Bead
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Grandma Bead
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Expectation Bead
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Baby Girl Bead
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Baby Boy Bead
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To all mothers
Thank you!
You were afraid when you first found out, but then you saw me growing, and your fear turned into joy.

You told me to believe in myself and not to be afraid.
You said I could do anything, and that life passes by in the blink of an eye.

Sometimes you didn’t understand, but you always forgave me.

You saw so many things change but, in your eyes, I will always be the same.

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Mother's Day gifting made easy

This Mother's Day, celebrate the extraordinary woman in your life with a gift as unique and special as she is. Discover the art of storytelling through Trollbeads jewelry, where every piece is not just an accessory, but a heartfelt narrative of your relationship, memories, and shared moments. Let us guide you through our curated selection of Trollbeads jewelry, designed to make this Mother's Day unforgettable.

See our Mother's Day gift ideas:

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Gift Idea 1: New beads
For the avid Trollbeads fan and for the mother just starting their Trollbeads Journey, we have a lovely gift idea.

Introducing Lavender Love and Heartfelt Bloom: Add a touch of elegance and charm to your Trollbeads collection with our two new beads – Lavender Love and Heartfelt Bloom. Lavender Love, a stunning soft purple glass bead, features a delicate pattern resembling purple wheat with a shimmering strip as the stem. Its story encapsulates a shimmering thread of gold, a tapestry of love, dedicated to the mother whose care and warmth never fades. And the other new addition, Heartfelt Bloom, a sterling silver bead adorned with small delicate flowers, symbolizes the nurturing heart, the love that bloomed, and the bond that flourished.

Gift idea 2: Bracelet Sets
Explore our curated collection of ready to wear bracelets. Here you can also find limited-edition Trollbeads bracelet sets, meticulously designed to capture various themes and aesthetics. The limited-edition bracelets feature beads and clasps exclusively sold as a set, along with our signature foxtail chain, that offer a ready-to-wear experience straight out of the box. Perfect for first-time Trollbeads enthusiasts, these bracelets are not just accessories but gateways to a world of storytelling and expression.

Gift idea 3: Flowers
Yes, it is classic to bring your mother Flower's for Mother's Day, and for good reason. Why not give her a flower gift that will never be wither? Explore the beautiful Trollbeads flowers that are small works of art made to be worn as jewelry. The selection is full of colorful glass bead flowers and intricate detailed flowers in silver.

Gift Idea 4: Family-Themed Beads
Add a personal touch to your Mother's gift by incorporating family-themed beads into your Trollbeads jewelry. Choose from a diverse range of charms and beads symbolizing love, unity, and the bond between family members. Whether it's a bead representing a mother and child playing or a baby on the way, find a bead to signify generations of love, and tells a story that resonates with your mother's heart.

A Gift That Keeps Giving
One of the most remarkable aspects of Trollbeads jewelry is its ability to evolve and grow over time. As your mother's collection expands, so does the significance of her bracelet, becoming a tangible representation of her life's journey and the love she holds dear. With each new bead added, the bracelet becomes more personal and meaningful, ensuring you'll always have a thoughtful gift idea for future milestones and occasions.

Conclusion: Go beyond traditional gifts and give your mother a gift that speaks volumes – a Trollbeads bracelet that signifies the beginning of a personalized journey. With the addition of the new beads Lavender Love and Heartfelt Bloom, you can enrich her collection with beads that symbolize love, nurturing, and the beauty of relationships.

Celebrate your bond and refer to your special moments with Trollbeads – Every story has a bead.